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Luxitude Sous Vide (Precision Cooker)

Luxitude Sous Vide (Precision Cooker)

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  • Controls cooking temperature so that food cannot be overcooked
  • Compact cylinder attaches to any pot filled with water- simply set the temperature, seal food in a ziploc bag. and cook
  • With this sealed-bag cooking technique, food retains all of its nutrients and you can cook with less fat
  • Simple, intuitive controls include on/off button and adjustable temperature with a twist of the ring
  • Easy-to-read display shows temperature
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It has never been so easy and enjoyable to cook the way he professional chefs do! This sous vide cooker can make anything from poached eggs to perfectly cooked steaks. The Luxitude Sous Vide works well with your existing cookware to create a water bath that cooks foods gently and precisely to your desired temperature.